College Policies

This section includes the most relevant policy and procedure documents available to assist students, staff and the general public in their dealings with Grafton College.

The College is at present reviewing/revising its policies and will update the website with revised policies by early March 2018. In the interim if there are any questions or queries, please contact


 Policy Areas and links to Policies: An Indicative guide
 Policy Area 1: Admissions  1. Admissions and Enrolment policy
 Policy Area 2: Effective Learning

 1. Learning and Teaching Policy
 2. Attendance Monitoring Policy 
 3. Special Consideration / Reasonable Adjustment Policy

 Policy Area 3: Effective Assessment

 1. Assessment Policy
 2. Assessment Malpractice Policy

 Policy Area 4: The Effective Student  1. Student Representative Policy (The Student Voice)
 2. Student Welfare Policy
 3. Student Code of Conduct
 4. Student Disciplinary Policy
 5. Student Feedback and Evaluation Policy
 Policy Area 5: Effective Data Protection  1. Data Protection Policy
 2. Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy
 Policy Area 6: Effective Safety   1. Health and Safety Policy
 2. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults Policy
 3. Health and Safety Roles, Responsibilities and
 4. First Aid Policy and Procedures
 Policy Area 7: Effective Safeguarding    1. Prevent Policy
 2. External Speakers and Events Policy
 Policy Area 8: Effective Equal Opportunities  1. Equal Opportunities and Fair Assessment Policy
 2. Disability and Equality Strategy: A Policy Statement for Employees and Students 
 3. Disability Policy
 Policy Area 9: Effective Staffing  1. Staff Recruitment Policy
 2. Teaching Observation Strategy
 Policy Area 10: Academic Appeals and Student Complaints  1. Complaints Procedure
 2. Internal Appeals Procedure
 Policy Area 11: Effective Publications  1. Publications Policy
 2. Information and Version Control Policy and Procedure


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