Enhancement Strategy

 The enhancement in quality of learning and teaching for the students is designed to achieve the strategic priorities as set out in the College Strategic Plan;

• Deliver high-quality teaching, learning and assessment across the whole College;

• Provide relevant, accessible, supportive opportunities for all students;

• Develop and grow a sustainable, viable, innovative and responsive College;

• Attract, develop and maintain a highly skilled, innovative flexible workforce;

• Support for Royal Armed Forces Veterans and Families through employment opportunities and Business Incubation Centre;

• Respect, promote, celebrate diversity and partner with UK Government and other Stakeholders in implementing Prevent Duty across the College;

• Training and mentoring for learners on Transferable and Employment related skills and sought employer engagement;


The QAA encapsulates some of the key indicators of systemic quality enhancement thus; Institutional learning from quality processes; Improvement of learning opportunities;



  • New Campus of Grafton College based in Oxford Street;
  • Validation of BA in Business Management Degree with a British University;
  • Student Employability and Enterprise initiative of Grafton College
  • Employer mentoring relationships;
  • External events for students;
  • Revised Moodle and New website for Grafton College;
  • Free Business English/Etiquette classes for all students with EFL Department of Grafton College;
  • Grafton Center for Deradicalization and International Security;
  • New IT Lab on second floor;
  • Establishment of an Advisory Board;


  • Research department for Grafton College
  • New Library on 3rd Floor
  • Skills Training for students with British Army
  • Risk Register for Grafton College

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