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The marketing team creates and manages the production of marketing material of Grafton College to support recruitment and student experience. In house services include design, art working, illustrations, proof reading, copy editing and sending to print of a huge range of publications and other items ensuring that the image of Grafton College is promoted in an attractive and positive manner.

To achieve the institutional objectives, marketing team ensures that the publications and written documents are presented in a professional manner and continuously liaises with the relevant departments of the College in this regards. To achieve this it is ensured that the contents of all publications are:

  • Concise
  • Accurate
  • Clear
  • Consistent in style
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Suitable for the targeted audience

The publications and all documents are written in English language and are free from spelling and grammatical errors.

The internal and external material is managed by Grafton College’s marketing team for students, stakeholders and clients across the College. The marketing activities and services include a wide range of materials such as:

Website: The marketing team creates artworks and designs and edits the College’s website that includes all of its contents.

Course Leaflets / Brochures: Course leaflets and brochures are designed in house according to the guidelines of awarding organizations and present a clear and concise information about courses for students to make an informed choice.

Student Services: The promotional material related to students’ services on the College Website and Moodle is designed and managed by the marketing team at professional standards.

Bespoke Publications: A wide range of high quality publications for a range of student activities such as brochures and leaflets are produced in house.

The highly skilled marketing team enable the College to offer:

  • a dedicated service for all the organisational needs
  • detailed knowledge and experience of Grafton College on the website
  • the fastest and most cost-effective service available, with no charge for design and editing work
  • an editing and proofreading service to ensure our publications are of the highest standards
  • the development of new marketing materials to support Grafton College’s strategic objectives and day-to-day needs

The in house styling and consistent branding is maintained throughout the promotional material, advertising and the organisational publications. The marketing team has the responsibility for the delivery and consistent support of how the College is presented to the outside world through all communication channels.

The marketing team is responsible for all publications queries and provides appropriate guidance to requests from colleagues and staff. The marketing team maintains the creative toolkit of logos, fonts, imagery and corporate identity guidelines.

Marketing team provides support for a routine document in print or electronic formats and provides guidance and information and are available at:

Name Position Email
Amanat Ali Anjum Marketing Manager



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