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English Conversation
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This class is your chance to be able to practice your speaking and listening skills with our native speaker teachers and improve your fluency and pronunciation in an informal, safe, friendly atmosphere.

Topics covered in class are always current and interesting, this is a great, fun way to learn more and practice what you already know, share your opinions, knowledge and ask questions on different subjects whilst meeting new people and making new connections in your city.

Level of English required: at least Pre-Intermediate

  • This class is for anyone who wants to improve their English pronunciation and reduce their accent.
  • The class focuses solely on pronunciation drills, exercises and practice.
  • You will learn and practice different sounds in the English language, intonation, word and sentence stress.
  • This class is great fun and can help you gain more confidence and control when speaking English. 
  • This is a mixed level class, and it is currently running at the times and address listed below.


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